The BLT-60 & BLT-61 Specs!

Balloons: Silver 36" Qualatex

Payloads: ZachTek WSPR-TX Transmitter
BLT-60 = K5WH
BLT-61 = AB5SS

WSPR Frequency will alternate between 10.1387 and 14.0956 on each unit

It's time to cut some 20M antennas for the ZachTek WSPR Transmitters

We tried illuminating the solar panels with lights, but it wasn't enough

So we just connected to external power and got the GPS antenna almost outside

The two dipole elements we made by winding 34 GA enameled wire over 4 lb test woven fishing line

Payload Master John AB5SS applied a very thin layer of contact cement along the wire & line

The results looked like this with a small section of white 30 GA stranded wire for strain relief
No, the carboard tube does not get launched

This scale was used to weigh the antenna components

Listening to the 20M WSPR signal on 14.0956 MHz

It's break time for Payload Master Walter K5WH, John and Payload Coordinator Mike WA5TWT!

We will be active on the Brandmeister Talkgroup 98006 during the balloon prep and launch at the site.


East Side of Scobee Radio Control Flying Field
West of Highway 6 just north of Westheimer
Launch at 10 AM September 26, 2020

It's been almost 30 years since BLT-1!

Will YOU There at 10AM on September 26th?!?
We Will!