The BLT-50 Specs!

Balloon: 1600 gr with Helium donated by PRAXAIR!


K5WH DMR/Fusion/D-Star Repeater on 446.5 MHz Up / 441.000 Down (Color Code 1, Timeslot 1, Talkgroup 98006 - Standard DMR settings)*
Sain Sonic AP510 APRS Trackers - 144.390Mhz - W5ACM-12 and KG5FQX-11 Track via Google Maps APRS
K5SAF Live DVB-T Digital ATV on 434 MHz
360-degree Down-looking Video camera
KG5FQX Wide-Angle Balloon Burst Video Camera
Horizon-Viewing GoPro

KE5GDB Multi-Input - Multi-Output VHF/UHF FM Repeater system
KD5ELH Crossband FM Repeater on 446.000 Up / 147.435 Down

*We will be active on the Brandmeister Talkgroup 98006 during the balloon prep at the site, as well as through the repeater if you are close enough, but after liftoff, when we lose the internet connection only the repeater will be active until it returns to the ground for post flight conversation on the 98006 Talkgroup again.


Dinner Meeting - 5:30 PM Wednesday August 8 - Buffalo Wild Wings - 9435 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77024
FINAL Construction Meeting - 8 PM Thursday August 16 - 310 Lombardy, Sugar Land, TX 77478
LAST-minute fixes on the evening before launch


It's been almost 28 years since BLT-1!

Will YOU There at 10AM on August 25th?!?
We Will!