The BLT-48 Specs!

Nice New Payload - Nice New Box! This will be the FIRST flight of a MACAdemia Nut Cross-Band Repeater. It's a NEW design incorporating two DORJI radio modules (can you say Baofeng?) with an Arduino Controller. This one receives on 446.000 MHz NBFM and transmits on 147.450 MHz. Will it work? Let's turn it on and find out!

Whoa! It has a POWER indicator! When it reaches 100,000 feet, will the Aliens check the LIGHT?

Let's take a look at the PCBs. We hope to make many more and fly many more! How are your SMT fabrication skills? Let's FLY!

A Quick look at the 70-cm receive antenna - just like the 2M transmit antenna, only shorter...

Will YOU be There on March 25?!?