The BLT-47 Specs!

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BLT-47 has an APRS System that adjusts the output frequency appropriately for any location on Earth. Solar cells and a rechargable Li-Ion battery will keep it running for years as it circumnavigates the globe at 41,000 feet.

The SBS-12 Super Pressure Balloon Specifications - Estimated Altitude with 15g payload (41k-43k feet) or (12.4km -13.1km)
Dimensions when flat on table (3 W X 6.42 L) (0.91m W X 1.96m L) - Film Thickness, (1mil)

AB5SS does some tests with BLT-47 on the air. It Works! Here we GO!

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Can WE Circumnavigate the EARTH With BLT-47?!?