The Great Plains Super Launch!!!!

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GPSL 2016 in Granbury, Texas

GPSL 2016 Videos of this year's presentations in Granbury, Texas

2016-06-18 @ 09:00 CDT
South Texas Balloon Launch Team
To Launch: BLT-44.5
Telemetry: APRS: 144.390Mhz
Site: Pecan Airport, Granbury, Texas
Coords: 32.364, -97.645 Grid: EM12EI
Contact: John Maca

Floater Mission using Pecan Pico 5 tracker, 350mA LiPo with Solar Cells. Balloon is a Qualatex 36" Round Mylar balloon

A SUPER Event for ALL!
The South Texas Balloon Launch Team was THERE!

GPSL 2016 Conference in Granbury, Texas

John AB5SS Preps BLT-44.5

A closeup of the BLT-44.5 Pecan Payload - Ready to GO!

Getting the Latex Balloons Ready for Flight at GPSL 2016

Ready for You Now!

Kirk KK2Z, John AB5SS, Tom K5SAF and Charles

Here Come the FLOATERS!

The Balloons are Away Ed, the Balloons are AWAY!

Ground Tracks of Floaters and Latex Balloons

Focus on the High-Altitude Balloons

What's Next? BLT-45 on August 20, 2016 from the Wharton Intergalactic Spaceport at 10 AM - Be There!