At the Secret BLT Lab in Sugar Land!

Follow BLT-43 KK5W-11 via

Flight Wizard John AB5SS gets to work on the final configuration of the APRS Floater Payload

Payload Master Tom K5SAF preps his Kenwood TH-D72 to listen for KK5W-11

Building up the Solar Panels to charge the LiPo batteries.

A really nice view of the complete BLT-44 Smart Beeper Payload on the counter!

Other THINGS on the Counter with Solar Panels.

Listening to the 28.322 MHz Smart Beeper on Andy's FT-817.

John and Payload Coordinator Mike WA5TWT begin the GAS Work to prep the BLT-43 Party Balloon.

BLT-43 is tested and ready to go with about 50 mW out on 144.390 every 9 minutes.

WOW!!! Mike, John and Tom have this thing BARELY lifting!

Mike watches as the balloon slowly floats across the room.

AH!!! Done!!! We Are READY!!!

Will YOU be at the Greater Houston Hamfest on March 19 for BLT-43 and BLT-44?!?