From the Buffalo Trace Ranch Radio Club!!!!

Follow BLT-42.1 W5BTR-11 via

Dan W5DF launches BLT-42.1 while John AB5SS commands the Drone.

Here's John and Dan with the new Camera Drone!

Building up the Solar Panels to charge the LiPo batteries.

A really nice view of the complete BLT-42.1 Payload!

The perfect Balloon Hanger for final integration.

Here's a report from Mike WX4AL in Alabama!
Attached to this email is a screenshot of the APRS map for W5BTR-11 as it overflew Lee County, AL on Sunday, February 7th, 2016 at 2135 HRS CT. You can see my home station on the map as WX4AL-1. It was fun to watch the balloon enter, pass through, and exit my home state. You can also see in screenshot the beacon data from the balloon APRS station at the moment of overflight in Lee County. I am using UI-View 32 and Precision Mapping V9. I took this screen shot as the balloon flew by just north of my station at a distance of 2.2 miles.

Here is the groundtrack from launch to LOS off the Carolina coast. Expecting AOS in the EU or perhaps Maine if it cruises up the coast before pond hopping!

This is a predicted groundtrack from Andrew KE5GDB using the HabHub tool. We will have to wait and watch!

WOW!!! BLT-42.1 made it within range of APRS Station ED1ZAO-3 in SPAIN!
Congratulations to our Flight Wizards John AB5SS and Dan W5DF and the inspiration and dedication of Thomas KT5TK!
Can we go for MORE Gusto on March 19th from the Greater Houston Ham Fest? Heck YES!
Today - Europe! Tomorrow - ???

Here is a closer view of where BLT-42.1 "landed".
2016-02-10 13:10:34 - 2016-02-10 13:21:31
48 MPH 101 alt 0 ft
Telemetry 2016-02-10 13:59:46
Ch 1: 76, Ch 2: 108, Ch 3: 3, Ch 4: 116, Ch 5: 3
3.9Vb 2.4Vs 0C 66543Pa SATS06 BLT-42.1 GPS loss 1

Watch the Launch Video!

Will YOU be at the Greater Houston Hamfest on March 19 for BLT-43 and BLT-44?!?