Here are some photos from the January 2, 2014, Final Prep Meeting.

BLT Coordinator Andy W5ACM is working hard, but not on balloon gear. He seems to be wiring up a fishing light! Oh well, we will get with the program shortly when the light is built, and the rest of the crew arrive at the North Houston Secret BLT Lab.

Retired Helium King Charlie K5ENG left us with a fine set of fill adapters, hoses and a regulator.

Here is our new regulator - guaranteed to work with HYDROGEN!

Payload Masters John AB5SS and Thomas KT5TK pose with mylar balloons and payloads at the lab.

OK - Getting Serious about the fittings and tubings to accomodate two large-balloon inlet sizes and also the small mylar balloons. Pay no attention to the pellets and chip dip.

Payload Coordinator Mike WA5TWT looks on while John and Thomas solve yet another fitting conundrum.

Balloon Handler John WA5WOD (since BLT-1) makes his proclamation - "Let the Flights Begin!"

Launch Will Happen at 10 AM on January 4, 2014, from the Covey Trails Airport in Fulshear, Texas!!! We Will Be THERE!!!