More Floater Experiments! - PicoPecans - from West Houston to Germany

BLT-35 & BLT-36 Specs:

APRS - Callsigns BLT-35 = KT5TK-3 & BLT-36 = KT5TK-4 both on 144.390 MHz - 100 mW
Set to adjust frequency for all global APRS standards
Standard 1200 bps APRS Operation
BLT-35 will use a cluster of mylar balloons and BLT-36 will use one LARGE 1600 gr latex balloon
This means that BLT-35 will fly at lower altitudes than BLT-36, but both will hopefully travel NE, and on to Europe.
Comparing the flight characteristics of the two projects is the primary mission goal.
What will happen? What will we achieve? Let's find out!

Final Launch Prep Meeting - 02JAN2014

Track via Use Callsigns KT5TK-3 & KT5TK-4

January 4, 2014 - Covey Trails Airport near Fulshear, TX at 10 AM!

Testing the Advanced PECANs in a tree at the North Houston Secret BLT Lab on 26 December 2013.
Both are radiation hardened and rated to -100 deg F.

More Info Direct From KT5TK!