17 January 2013 - email from KT5TK - Time to Launch!
18 January 2013 - email from W5ACM = WHAT?!?
19 January 2013 - Meeting at No Label Brewery in Katy, TX - We Are GO FOR LAUNCH!
20 January 2013 - LAUNCH BLT-33 from Covey Trails Airport near Fulshear, TX at 11:30 AM!
21 January 2013 - We watch the data from aprs.fi and other sources while BLT-33 goes over 117,000 feet in South Carolina!

BLT-33 Payloads:

APRS PecanPico1 with PecanTurbo Amp - KT5TK-11 - 144.390 MHz - 1W - 3x AA battery - 2 minute cycle
(one position & one telemetry per cycle)
PSK-31 Homebrew - KT5TK - 21.0705 MHz day / 7.0805 MHz night - 100 mW - 9V block battery - 20 minute cycle
(3 transmissions in a row each cycle)
Total Weight = 200 grams

We Were There! Launch Happened 20 January 2013 at 11:30 AM!

KC5JAR and K5SAF haul in the Helium!

W5ACM and K5SAF inspect the 1600-gram balloon. It's almost ready.

KC5JAR keeps the balloon away from hazards during the lift measurements. We had 120 grams of free lift.

W5ACM and K5SAF took care of the final release - No Wind - Beautiful Weather!

Please note the following last minute updates from KT5TK:
The 40 m PSK31 frequency has changed and is now at 7.03580 MHz. This means that you set the dial of your SSB receiver (set to USB!) to 7.035 MHz and check the PSK31 waterfall at approximately 800 Hz The exact frequency may be temperature dependent and could shift by up to 200 Hz. The Cycle of 20 minutes was too long, therefore we're transmitting in 10 minute cycles now. The 9V block battery was replaced by 6 x Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA. The Advanced Lithium 9V block is more sensitive to extremely cold temperatures. Also we have now 1.2 Ah instead of 800 mAh.

Note that PSK31 will transmit at 21.07080 MHz during daylight and at 7.03580 MHz at night. A little photo resistor on the package will see when the sun goes down. The PSK transmitter will send 3 position packets in a row with 10 second spaces in each 10 minute cycle. So if you're a little off the frequency, you have a chance to tune properly and pick up the second and third transmission. Please please listen on PSK with DL-FLDIGI!!!! This program automatically submits the coordinates to http://spacenear.us/tracker/. You can install DL-FLDIGI from http://ukhas.org.uk/projects:dl-fldigi. You need to launch the program in HAB mode!