Here are some photos from the August 18, 2010, Final Final Pre-Flight Test Meeting.

I guess the epoxy has set! It's just two days later. Payload Masters Tony N5RPQ and Tom K5SAF have been camped out at the Secret Sugar Land BLT Lab. They have been working hard to get the UHF antenna stick mounted on the minnow bucket. MANY DAYS of serious work 24/7 are paying off!

I don't see any minnows in here! This looks REALLY NICE!

The wooden sticks are cooperating. Tony and Tom LIKE it!

OMG! WE HAVE STREAMING VIDEO via HSMM-MESH! How cool is that?!? Can YOU see me now?!?

What's this? Is someone actually paying attention to the ANALOG gear? YES! Here is the 1.2 GHz ATV receiver - doing it's thing. I am relieved...

Ah! The dualing PCs are actually getting serious with GPS info and HSMM-MESH connectivity. Wait a minute... That's an APPLE. AB5SS must be near...

BLT Coordinator Andy W5ACM has been busy. In addition to taking pix, he has been trying to get the 2M to 10M repeater working. It may not be perfect, but it's on the air!

Hah! It looks like we REALLY do have an ANALOG payload! Time is running out. If it doesn't work, we throw it out! To The Edge of Space!!!!

Launch happened at high Noon on August 21, 2010 from the Wharton Intergalactic Spaceport. We were There!!!