Here are some photos from the July 14, 2010, Integration Meeting.

We are ready to RACE! Any Takers?? Good Grief! Am I IT?!?

Ha! This contender is HOT! Maybe next time...

W5ACM-Mobile is On The Air with HSMM-MESH! Let's connect to W5ACM-BLT-26 and make something happen.

Well, maybe it's time for a break. Payload Master Tony confers with Nizar N0NM and Payload Coordinator Mike WA5TWT about how to force BLT-26 to land near the BBQ restaurant.

Ah! Success! Here is the HSMM-MESH node W5ACM-BLT-26 with a 500 mW amp. It's looking good!

How about some insurance? The HSMM-MESH package gets an APRS unit with independent power.

Tony does some micro surgery on the HSMM-MESH power amplifier output connector. "Why are these things getting smaller?!?"

Payload Master John AB5SS provided a camera to port into the HSMM-MESH system. Will it work?

What's this? John sticks his fingers into the two narrow, rectangular holes in the wall...

Uh Oh... This looks like a super mess! Can we get this analog stuff back into service, or WHAT?

John is HAPPY! We have Digital Video and all this strange Ham-WiFi gear seems to be working! Tony is busy surfing the web...

Payload Master John has provided a new wrinkle - a WiFi Access Point that ports to the HSMM-MESH units that have surfaced all over the Secret Sugar Land BLT Lab. There is still work to do, but this has been an EXCELLENT NIGHT!!

Launch happened at high Noon on August 21, 2010 from the Wharton Intergalactic Spaceport. We were There!!!