Here are some photos from the May 26, 2010, Equipment Testing Meeting.

Did we have boat races? Sure! Did I remember to take pictures? No! Kirk KK2Z gets ready for some HSMM-MESH experiments.

John AB5SS gets out the MESH notes and a soda. We must be focused or something...

What is HSMM-MESH? It's ham-radio router firmware that allows the WRT54GL routers to automatically "mesh" into a wireless network.

And yet another router is assimilated by the MESH! We must have had four of them on the air for this orientation meeting!

Roll another one... Just like the other one!

Dualing PC's and MESH boxes! John, Andy W5ACM and Kirk hit the ether.

Andy had W5ACM-BLT-26 and W5ACM-Mobile out for some RF spins.

Future flight antenna for W5ACM-BLT-26? Probably not unless ground stations run circular polarization.

Launch is scheduled for 10 AM on August 21, 2010 from the Wharton Intergalactic Spaceport. Be There!!!