Here's the World as Seen by BLT-25's JazzCam!!

Dude! Who is that guy with the camcorder headed for ME? Is it because I'm not beeping? Can he fix that?

He did! And now I'm flying high! Cool! Look at all of those humans!

Hmmm... I think I'm going for a ride! What a fine view of the Wharton Intergalactic Spaceport!

I AM going for a ride! What a nice view! I wish I would quit spinning though - I'm getting dizzy.

It's getting cold up here, and those clouds are getting smaller by the minute.

Oh Wow! That's the edge of space! I can see for miles and miles! I must be over 95,000 feet up!!!

Wups! I heard a popping sound! Could it be?

Yes, my balloon has burst! Gad! What's happening? I don't feel so good...

Ahhh... Things are getting better, but I think I'm falling fast! Thanks for the parachute!

I am back below the clouds, but what's that strange group of parallel tan lines?

Uh... I don't like Mr. Slugo! Good Grief! There are fast-moving wheeled things down there!

Yikes! A few feet on either side and as Helium King Charlie said, I would be Road Kill!

Just about down... just a few feet to go...

I'm just inches up, and moving FAST! Once again, thanks for the parachute!

Whack! Oh that hurt! The ground tried to stuff those antennas in me, but I made it back!!

OK, so where's the calvery? As Furbie says, Hmmm...

Aha! Just over 1.5 minutes and the humans are back to visit. This must be that nice Government Man from NASA. I am sure he is here to help.

OK, so they keep handing me back and forth so they can all have pictures with me. I feel a bit used, but wanted and warm.

Can you guys please stand me back up? Come on Mike, don't you have enough video yet?

Enoughs enough NASA Maca Man! Take me to Hinze's!!! I'm out of memory and need to be fed. JazzCam is CLEAR!

Check out our JazzCam Video! (Small Version - 5 Mb)

Check out our JazzCam Video! (Large Version - 72 Mb)

Launch happened at 10:35 AM on August 29, 2009 from the Wharton Intergalactic Spaceport. We Were There!!!