Here are some photos from the July 16, 2009, Integration Meeting.

There's ALWAYS time for some fun! Let the boat races BEGIN!

A.C. W5EZM preps our BEER experiment while Video Wizard Tom K5SAF pronounces the night's goals to Payload Master Mike WA5TWT and Brian KC5YSM.

Payload Masters Michael W2CVZ and Pete KD5ELH enjoy the show and show support!

Payload Master Tony N5RPQ and Helium King Charlie K5ENG discuss camera issues. We Will Conquer ALL!

Lots of ingredients in need of package stuffing. Let the race begin!

Charlie has taken the challenge. The Hi-Res camera went dark just prior to launch on BLT-24. The issue? We have conjectured that it may have been due to humidity and other environmental circumstances...

Charlie has fully encased the Hi-Res camera for the flight of BLT-25.

Let's see what happens!

The Hi-Res camera has been mounted in the new flight enclosure (foam box)!

Here's a "backside" view of the encapsulated Hi-Res camera.

Mike agrees - This looks Very GOOD! We're Ready to Move Ahead!

There was a broken wire in the 1.2 GHz transmitter system. We fixed it.

The components are coming together!

Don't forget the backup APRS system! Some new batteries and Li-Ion charging should do it.

Adios Old Box! A veteran of multiple flights has been gutted. It's time to call the Taxidermist!!!

Launch is scheduled for 10 AM on August 29, 2009 from the Wharton Intergalactic Spaceport. Be There!!!