Here are some photos from the June 18, 2009, Payload Orientation Meeting.

Not exactly the fastest thing on the water, but Mike WB5QCC had this fun hovercraft fully charged and running well.

I thought this was supposed to be a BLT-25 meeting? Well, we got in some fun while the sun was out. The lakes behind the Secret BLT Lab can be quite nice.

It's a Boat! And it was FAST!

Wups! Mike and Pete KD5ELH watch the boat stop dead in the water. The hovercraft came to the rescue just in time to get back to the lab and address some serious issues in need of solutions...

That's Right! Serious Issues! We need to Space Qualify the BLT-25 BEER Transport Module! It would really be bad form if we got BEER all over the electronics. This could be interesting...

We dug through the carcass of BLT-24 for something that we might use, but found nothing...

Somehow, BEER and Mr. Ball must coexist in the new spaceframe without mixing...

Payload Master Mike WA5TWT reminds us why we build payloads in his lab. Mike takes over and comes up with a vaccuum pump and a custom bell jar.

The BEER Transport Module is tested in multiple orientations in the airless void of the custom bell jar. Success! No Leaks!

Of course the BEER must be tested... Mike, Mike and A.C. W5EZM ensure that all is well and the BEER has not been altered due to testing.

Helium King Charlie K5ENG is happy.

A.C. agrees also. We actually did some work and tested the ATV gear. Amazing.

Let the packaging begin! We've got a long way to go before flight in August!

Wait a minute! WHO's That? This doesn't look like the BLT Lab, and just what kind of BLT shirt is she wearing??

Well it does say BLT, but no, it's not Balloon Launch Team. There's bound to be an Aggie behind this...

Launch is scheduled for 10 AM on August 29, 2009 from the Wharton Intergalactic Spaceport. Be There!!!