Here are some photos from the May 21, 2009, Equipment Testing Meeting.

We got right into it... The signal strength of the 1.2 GHz ATV downlink was not what we expected on BLT-24, so we tested the output power of the ATV transmitter. It was a rock-solid 800 mW.

The voltage check is Good. We have enough electric juice and plenty of output RF to get the job done for BLT-25!

We thoroughly tested the ATV exciter and amp. It looks good!

A veteran of many flights, the half-discone ground plane checks out with a low SWR and good structural integrity.

Helium King Charlie K5ENG suggests that we give the ATV transmitter a solid burn-in. We do it, but we have to put a fan on the electronics. When the ATV transmitter gets hot, the power drops. This won't be a problem at 60,000 feet, but it needs study.

Tom K5SAF and Payload Master Mike WA5TWT are quite satisfied with the evening's experiments.

Charlie is not satisfied. He wants more tests...

This is Not Acceptable! I want some Full-Up System Tests!

Payload Master Tony N5RPQ IS satisfied, but if Charlie wants more data,... Why Not? Go for it!

Get to work. Wire it up. Here we have the back-up GPS system. Hmmm... Take notes. New batteries are needed, and how about the antenna? What's the SWR on this toy?

At least the video from the primary hi-res cam looks good.

How about the primary GPS? Turn it on! Check it out! (Yes Charlie - we are on it.)

Oops! The 70-cm antennas don't looks so good. We need to straighten them out and check them out!

FULL POWER SCOTTY! Crank Everything Up! That BIG battery won't go to the Edge of Space, but it will provide lots of electrons to heat things up and check for problems.

We test the back-up video camera. It looks good. Mike did not break the lens.

Here We Go! We have a NEW box, and the sky is the limit (well perhaps the Edge of Space...)!

Launch is scheduled for 10 AM on August 29, 2009 from the Wharton Intergalactic Spaceport. Be There!!!