Here are some photos from the August 20, 2008 Completion Meeting.

Payload Master Ron KE5WAM brought the PARADIGM Engineering model to the meeting. It now has a protective layer of foam to ward off the rigors of temperature extremes. For BLT-24, solar panels will be attached to two sides of the satellite's foam panels.

Here's the satellite with foam removed and structure exposed. The black measuring-tape antenna is for the two-meter uplink side, and will not be used for the satellite when launched on STS-127.

What!?!? NO GUTS!?!? Today we are simply checking suspension systems and thermal concerns.

Helium Czar Darrell does calculations while Mark AD5SS discusses camera issues with John AB5SS and Ron KE5WAM.

Here's a view of the signal received from the new camera. Note the on-screen ID and image clarity. Horizontal res is over 800 lines.

Now, check out this view of our regular BLT ATV video camera. We always thought it was great! We're hoping for great things from the new camera. Both will fly on BLT-24. We will only switch to the old camera if the new one (thanks to Helium King Charlie K5ENG) freezes up.

Charlie and Darrell get violent with the main payload. John and Payload Master Tony N5RPQ look on in wonderment...

Darrell and Charlie are getting SERIOUS! Video Master Tom K5SAF doesn't know what to think. Rocket Master Michael W2CVZ is not impressed.

Ron and John pose with PARADIGM. I guess you could say that PARADIGM has docked with AggieSAT - at least for now - at the Secret BLT Lab.

Launch is scheduled for 10 AM on August 23, 2008 from the Wharton Intergalactic Spaceport. Be There!!!