Here are some photos from the August 24, 2007, Completion and Final Test Meeting.

It's ALL Coming Together! But, I guess it had better,... we launch TOMORROW!! Mike WB5QCC has taken on the job of Spaceport Ambassador and Darrell KC5JAR is back as Helium Czar. The tanks are loaded and ready to go.

Michael W2CVZ is finishing up igniter wiring for the rocket. A fin guide has been added to the launch platform to ensure that the rocket can only move in one direction - UP!

Mr. Ball is missing, so we have stuffed Mr. Ball Jr. into the BLT-23 Flying Command Center. He will be monitoring input from the ground via the Command Receiver. Fresh Lithium batteries have been installed here, and in the backup APRS system in the next level up. Josh KE5FGC has qualified a new mini-TNC for the backup APRS system and has programmed it as W5B-2.

Here's a closeup of the rocket arming plug (with LED) and the horizontally-polarized command receiver antenna.

Payload Master Mike has his laptop ready to go to track BLT-23 while mobile on the chase.

Tom K5SAF will be recording live flight video to both VHS tape and DVD during the flight. The 900 mW 23-cm ATV signal is strong and steady tonight. Add an antenna and preamp, and Tom is Good To Go!

Are these guys relaxed, or What?!? Mark AD5SS check his camera, while Bill WA5VQH (just in from Los Alamos, NM) and Mike take a well-deserved break.

The Flight of BLT-23 is TOMORROW!! Will YOU Be There? We Will!!

Launch is scheduled for 10 AM on August 25, 2007 from the Wharton Intergalactic Spaceport!!!