Here are some photos from the April 18, 2007, Construction Meeting.

Balloons and Boats! But of course! The connection is obvious! That's Michael W2CVZ. No, he's not fishing. We're doing a little freshwater RC boat fun prior to the BLT-23 Planning Meeting at the Secret BLT Lab in Sugar Land. Why Not!?!

And Today's Race Winner is W5ACM's Zig Zag Racer! These rigs are fast and fun, and there's plenty of room to run in the canals of Venetian Estates that wind around the back yards of the area.

This Swamp Buggy seems to be on the same 27 MHz frequency as the Zig Zag Racer, and it's a LOT slower too. It seemed like a good eBay deal at the time! Perhaps we can get some other Faster boats out here prior to future meetings of the BLT.

The BLT actually owns two helium tanks. Mikey KK5SC and Payload Master Mike WA5TWT drag them into the lab for storage. Stuff in a few thousand psi of fresh helium, and we're good to go for BLT-23!

The Darn Things are HEAVY! Mike hunts for a clear bit of floor space out in the lab.

Michael and Mark AD5SS are getting excited. You can tell. Don't go to sleep folks! We have a Flight to Plan!

The investigation begins. Remants of the boat races are still around, but that's BLT-22 on the left and BLT-21 on the right. Do we reuse and existing container or start from scratch? This could be a tough call. The previous payloads were retrieved in superb condition.

Here's a better view of the contents still left in BLT-22. Mr. Ball is still hanging out with the ATV gear in the gold-plated cardboard box. We need to put this to a vote - Get to work on a NEW payload, or refurbish the tried and true veterans of the past??

"Recycle or DIE!" Did I hear that from the pair of Mikes? THEY have spoken. Why get up and make work, or worse yet, put a head on the beer? We will repack BLT-22 for another trip to The Edge Of Space!!

The cleaning process has begun. There was a bit of hardened mud on the 1255 MHz ATV antenna, and the ATV gear needs to come out for a complete set of tests by Video Wizard Ron AG5RS. We need a regulator on the Infrared cam and light-level tests on both cams. The carcass of BLT-21 becomes storage space for spare BLT gear.

The BLT-22 reward sticker is still intact, as are all of the suspension lines. This WAS a good, well-behaved payload. Perhaps the pair of Mikes were right! Even the cam holes look good!

Ah! The last ones to leave for the evening propose a toast to the successful flight of BLT-23!! This hardly-working crew includes Camera Master Pete KD5ELH, the pair of Mikes, and High Coordinator Andy W5ACM.

Our Test and Configuration Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 16, 2007, at the Secret BLT Lab (310 Lombardy) in Sugar Land - 8 PM till 10 PM.

Launch is scheduled for 10 AM on August 25, 2007 from the Wharton Intergalactic Spaceport. Be There!!!