June 6, 2009 - Field Day 2009 Planning Meeting

Field Day 2009 is June 27th!

Attendance for the HQRP Field Day planning meeting was light, but we went forward with a really good plan to handle multiple HF stations and another for GOTA and Hamsat chasing. Is that Ray Charles in the back?? But seriously, W5HNS, WA5BUC, KA5IIA, N5EM and W5ACM showed up.

Henry studies some documents while Fred pays close attention to the Field Day plans.

Ed N5EM took notes about the antennas (Yagi and dipoles for HF) and got the job done!

Andy W5ACM brought a whole bunch of magazines and other items for viewing by those that attended. HAMMAG is a free e-zine from Europe (in English). You should check it out!

Andy got the new Bushwhacker sideswiper key from American Morse. This kit is easy to build in less than an hour, and includes components that are aligned PERFECTLY.

Andy got serial number 15. American Morse was amazed and delighted at the crowd response for the new key paddle.

Ah! It's the new Alinco DJ-G7! About 100 units were made available for sale at Dayton. Andy got HIS! This is the ONLY current-production, full-duplex, HT available for sale today. The 1.2 GHZ band is included with nice sensitivity and excellent output (minimum of ONE Watt).

Nice radio, but the jury is still out on it's full-duplex competance.