February 7, 2009 - Freeze Your Butt Off!

It Was A FRIGID Event!

We are getting started on this FREEZING day in February! Mein Got! It must be 40 below ZERO!

Andy W5ACM installs the 15M vertical while Fred WA5BUC takes pictures.

Ed N5EM and Fred set up the 20M half-wave whip while Andy takes pictures...

Rick W5RH, Kirk W5KMK and Ken N5EBD pose with the TW4040 40M antenna. It was good for four Q's on 40 - No Complaints!

Rick gets serious, but is having trouble finding takers on 40M with his BIG rig - yes, he was running QRP!

Is Rick using a CELL PHONE to make a 40M sked? He is! Ken tries to cover up the horror while Rick makes plans with Ron W5RCP up in Putnam, TX for a contest Q.

When in doubt, Read The Manual! Kirk pulls out his "Pack-It Reference for the Yaesu FT-817". What can I say? Andy had his 817 "bible" along also...

Ed gets after 20M CW with success! Ed's FT-817 and 20M antenna are our only hope.

Andy is getting intense also, but 15M is NOT cooperating. The only stations on the air are just tuning around and doing nothing. Ken looks on and Rick pays no attention.

It was a Beautiful day at the Park! There's not much to see on the trees, and not much shade, but the weather was fantastic.

John K5IZO came by to visit. It didn't take him more than a few minutes to verify that 15M was DEAD.

Wow! We had three FT-817's (Kirk, Ed and Andy) and the tie-wrapped THING (Kenwood TS-430 with stuff) that Rick brought out. It was a FUN outing, but we could have used a few more sunspots from cycle 24!! We'll try this again with another outing next month!!