January 3, 2009 - To The Field!

Here We Go With MosQRPitos 2009!

That's Andy's W5ACM 20M Vertical on the left, but what are Craig WD5BDX and Rick W5RH discussing?

I know! They are conspiring to lower the altitude of the Ionosphere and limit our DX!

Fred WA5BUC and Henry W5HNS finish erecting the 40M Inverted V in 10 minutes!

Fred and Henry arrange the picnic tables. The weather report called for an 80-percent chance of rain...

Here's our PET ROCK RIG. Fred brought his expertly crafted Rockmite. This thing looked GREAT! Power output with the internal battery was about 350 mW, but with Andy's 12 VDC gel cell, it was a screaming 500 mW!

This is ONE SERIOUS dude! Andy gets one look at Henry, and just doesn't know what to think - dueling cameras? Just what did Andy see that looked SOOOO Serious?!?

Ha! Henry is just having a great day at the park! Why be serious? Make some Q's and enjoy the delightful weather! He's tuned in to 40M and checking out that NEW cam!

Andy is using his Yaesu FT-817 while Rick is tuning 40M with Henry's K2. We set up the tarp to keep the sun off! We certainly don't want to get JANUARY sunburns!

Here's another view of the HQRP operating site. Andy and Fred discuss band conditions while Craig contemplates the Ionosphere...

Fred is actually making a QSO with the Rockmite! It wasn't easy, but Fred knows his rig, and it's been great in the past. Henry is finding few contest participants on 40M, but keeps trying.

Here's an inside view of the Rockmite. This rig is WELL BUILT! Andy and Henry had typical QRP rigs, but the challenge was getting the rock-bound transceiver on the air. We did it... well Fred did it!

How about a close-up of the Rockmite PCB. Next time we go out, it's back to VFO's, but this has been an education and inspiration. Don't miss our next HQRP event at Tom Bass Park III in Pearland!