December 13, 2008 - HQRP Meeting!

We Did Some SERIOUS Planning for 2009 HQRP Events

Andy W5ACM brought his not-yet-finished PFR-3 transceiver. Progress is good...

How about a door prize! We had one, and there is another for January!

Fred WA5BUC makes a point about meetings and events. In 2009 we voted for MORE events!

The discussion ensues with WA5BUC, W2CVZ, AD5SS, K5LIB, N5EM and W5ACM. The 2009 schedule is forming well.

Ha! Fred won the door prize! Will YOU get the Evil Genius book for January? We still need to finalize the plans for 2009, but we're off to a great start. Although Henry W5HNS was not able to attend, he already had some suggestions for January.

We compare a few notes on the way out of the December HQRP meeting, but agree to finish up the 2009 event and meeting schedule at the meeting on January 10, 2009. Be There!