October 11, 2008 - HQRP Meeting!
It Was GREAT!!

Chuck NO5W
Texas QSO Party and QRP Ops
GPS-Enabled Software For Mobile TQP Operation

Originally licensed as KN5MPM in October 1957 I was active during high school
and less so while studying Electrical Engineering at Louisiana State University,
eventually becoming inactive and unlicensed around 1968. In 1984 while living in
New Orleans I decided that it would be fun to operate the special event station at
the Worlds Fair so I got relicensed and received NO5W from the random FCC draw.
Opening the envelope my first thought was "that's a good sounding CW call" and the
second thought was "that's a neat QRP call -- Need Only 5 Watts". So I took that as
a hint from the FCC and did a lot of CW QRP in the 1980's and hold ARCI 3950.

For a brief spell in the 1970's I was an EE professor at the University of Houston,
but most of my working career was as a software engineer for a major electric utility
in the middle south region working in the area of real-time generation control and
economic dispatch. Since retiring in 2006 most of my software development activities
have been focused on ham radio with the GPS-Enabled Software CQ/X being the main result.
Those interested in learning more about it can check it out at my website.
My main interest in radio is in contesting and mostly I'm an HF CW operator but I
also enjoy a good CW ragchew on 40 meters from time to time.

Chuck's Presntation was EXCELLENT!

Some quick thinking (no projector) had Chuck's slides up on the elevated TV - no problems.

Chuck was ready to go, and really gave us a show with some serious insight into the recent Texas QSO Party, his mobile operations and his GPS-Enabled software with maps.

Here's the October HQRP crew.

This is Chuck's mobile antenna mount - serious stuff!

A close-up of the mount shows just how serious this is. Thanks Chuck!!