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Kenneth G. Ransom, N5VHO
NASA/Johnson Space Center
Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club (CLARC)
JSC Amateur Radio Club

Mr. Ransom was born in Waco, Texas but considers Denison, TX his hometown.
He received his undergraduate degree in Journalism with emphasis in Computer Science
from Baylor University in 1987 and his Master’s degree in Environmental Studies from
Baylor University in 2003. He began working for Barrios Technologies at the
NASA/Johnson Space Center in 2004 supporting Amateur Radio on the
International Space Station (ARISS).

Mr. Ransom was first licensed as N5VHO, a Technician class operator, in 1991 and thus
followed in the footsteps of his father (WA5MOJ) and grandfather (WA5QLY). He later
upgraded to Tech plus after meeting a missionary amateur operator in French Guiana and
wanted to be able to converse on the HF bands. Within a few years, he had obtained an
Amateur Extra class license. He enjoys tinkering with various modes and operations and
most recently has been active with satellites and digital modes.

Mr. Ransom is a member of the JSC Amateur Radio Club, W5RRR, and former president of the
Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club, K5HOU, and alumni member of the Baylor Amateur Radio Club,
WA5BU. He also is a life member of the American Radio Relay League and Texas VHF/UHF Society.
He is a current member of the Amateur Radio Satellite Corporation (AMSAT), member #35387.

He has received the follwing recongintions:

STS-118 Group Achievement Award, part of the STS-118/13A.1 Teaching from Space Team – 2007
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Silver Snoopy – 2006
Barrios, Silver Bear recipient – 2006
Johnson Space Center achievement award, for ARISS team support during for Expediton 12 – 2006
Johnson Space Center achievement award, part of the On-orbit Stowage Tiger Team – 2005
President of the Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club – 2004 and 2005
Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club, Ham of the Year – 2003
Baylor Amateur Radio Club, Radio “Active” operator, Fall1996-Spring 1997

Mr. Ransom currently holds the following amateur radio certificates:
AMSAT Satellite Communicators' Club
OSCAR Satellite Communications Achievement Award #353
OSCAR Sexagesimal Award #128
ARRL VUCC Satellite #132
ISS Achievement Award #24

When he is not working, Mr. Ransom enjoys spending time with his family,
photography, travel and camping.

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