April 26, 2008 - QRP To The Field!

Ed N5EM works another one on 20M for W5MSQ at Tom Bass Park III in Pearland.

Ed N5EM logs another one on 20M for W5MSQ at Tom Bass Park III in Pearland.

Ed was using an experimental 20M, half-wave vertical.

Work is needed on the simple tuner Ed showed at the March HQRP meeting. This commercial ATU did just fine for the event.

Henry W5HNS operated the 40M station for QRPTTF. Conditions were strange. Henry did manage to work a group of Florida QSO Party folks, but the QRP'ers were not to be found.

Here's Henry's K2 while tuning the band looking for Q's.

Henry's antenna was an excellent inverted V using a telescopic MFJ fiberglass center support. It went up FAST!

The slight rain in the early morning precluded easy outside ops, so Henry and Ed operated inside Henry's van with no problems.

Andy W5ACM went ahead and set up on a nearby picnic table. By the time he had his gear for 15M going, the rain had stopped and things were quickly drying out.

Conditions on 15M were even stranger than on 40M. Andy couldn't hear any domestic QRPTTF folks, so he just settled for DX!

Andy's antenna was a simple vertical with three radials - not bad for nothing but DX...

Put the wagons in a circle! Well, at least line them up...

Craig WD5BDX brought some super breakfast food and coffee for the group. Craig also scanned the bands from his mobile system looking for QPRTTF activity. Here Ed is commenting about our antenna farm. For a simple, quick event, we had antennas comparable to a nice, serious Field Day endeavor. Nice job folks!

Onward to the May 2008 HQRP Meeting!