April 12, 2008 - HQRP Meeting

Ed N5EM brought a very innovative attachment for the Yaesu FT-817. Called Peg Leg, it comes from Morse Express.

Here's a view of the front of Ed's FT-817 and the catalog from Morse Express.

Although Randy KA5IAA couldn't make the April meeting, Ed N5EM gave an update on his progress with ClubCom - the 6M transceiver project.

Here's a closeup of Ed's prototype. He is using an interesting mix of construction methods with plenty of solid ground plane, Manhattan-style interconnects, and through-board IC sockets.

Here's a tight zoom on part of the circuit.

Oscillator circuity on the top-side of the board.

Henry W5HNS takes a close look at the basic schematic.

Andy W5ACM gave a presentation on portable, QRP satellite chasing - from cruise ships. Here are some of the cards Any has received from satellite grid chasers after a cruise earlier this year.

Some excellent gain antennas for portable satellite work - from left to right, an Arrow dual-band (2M & 70cm) Yagi with built-in duplexer, a 5-element 70cm WA5VJB Yagi and Ed's dual-band WA5VJB satellite antenna.

Ed says it only took about an hour to build up this WA5VJB duplexer for his dual-band antenna. Comparisons show that the design has lower losses than the Arrow duplexer, but it's a bit large to build into the handle. Nice job Ed!

Paul N8NOV brought his AMQRP stand-alone PSK unit. He his building up a simple, and very portable, PSK system for field use. The AMQRP boxes are new and VERY popular. Thanks Paul!

Onward to the April QRPTTF Event and the May 2008 HQRP Meeting!