March 8, 2008 - HQRP Meeting

The attendance at the March HQRP meeting was on par with the best. The topics of QRP Software Defined Radios and Antennas brought out quite a crew!

Charles W5BAA got things started with his innovations for portable SDR ops. Charles had his FYBO gear with him for the talk. Several attendees went to the web immediately after the meeting to order Software Defined Transceiver kits.

Ken W5EET observes while Charles brings up another slide in his presentation.

Ed N5EM described his antenna experiments and findings. Ed has designed an ultra-light antenna for use on club outings. He also provided insight on height-above-ground and feedline impedance issues. Ed will be back next month with a club-com update.

Here's a closeup of Ed's wire antenna for ultra-light field work. Yes, it's only wire!

That's a 50-Ohm resistor at the end of a piece of 300-Ohm twinlead. When the electrical length of the feedline is optimized for the frequency of operation, the impedance of the feedline is not an issue...

Andy W5ACM had some current QRP magazines for show-and tell, along with this cool portable QRP box. The box has a 17 Ah gel-cell, air compressor, 400W AC inverter, 12VDC outlets, jumper cables and an analog voltage meter. Tom K5SAF found this box at a local discount store. Other places, like Harbor Freight, market the same units under different (Chinese) brand names.

Rick W5RH brought a nice batch of books and electronic parts. The cost? NOTHING! FREE! Thanks Rick!

Here's an inside view of W5BAA's primary QRP SDR transceiver, complete with Li-Ion-Platinum batteries from Awesome...

This is a fully populated PCB for a SoftRock RXTX kit. They have been very popular and inexpensive. Andy W5ACM has vowed to find a laptop to use his transceivers from the field. Charles W5BAA has certainly beat everyone in HQRP on this one.

Andy picked up this nasty can from the batch of gear that Rick brought. Why? Take another look... Those have got to be connectors, tuning holes, and a crystal socket...

Hidden Treasure! The can has a crystal-controlled transmitter inside. Watch for a completely refurbished version of this CW rig at a future HQRP gathering.

Onward to the April 2008 HQRP Meeting!