February 9, 2008 - HQRP Meeting

Ed N5EM brought his prototype Club Project half-wave loop antenna (50.3 MHz) and presented a complete description of it's construction and parameters. Handouts were provided. We will be building next month!

Here's a closeup of the matching network that fits inside one arm of the PVC framework.

Andy W5ACM brought the South Texas Balloon Launch Team BLT-23 payload from the August 25, 2007 flight. We turned it on and listened to the main APRS beacon and checked out the 1.2 GHz FM video. Commands were sent to the package to launch the rocket. Fortunately no rocket was attached. We only got to see a small red LED turn on when the command was sent.

Pete KD5ELH provided his first pass at the BLT-23 video. We enjoyed watching the first 20 minutes.

Here's a closeup of the backup payload for BLT-23.5 to be launched from the secret BLT facility near Livingston, Texas, on May 17, 2008 - 8 PM. It is a dual-band temperature telemetry transmitter. The primary payload is to be a cross-band 2M FM receiver with 6M AM transmitter. We'll see if Andy can get the primary unit built and tested in time.

Howard AC5VF brought a Poqet PC and the ASUS Linux handbook. He compared the look and feel of the two in addition to the radical imporvements in small PCs in the last 15 years.

What's Mark AD5SS gesturing about?!? I don't know, but it made for a good picture.

Another shot of some of the group at the February HQRP meeting.

Ed wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of the great program of antennas by Ed and QRP PSK31 SDR by Charles W5BAA scheduled for the March HQRP meeting. Be sure to attend, and don't forget the Greater Houston Hamfest on March 1st!!

Onward to the March 2008 HQRP Meeting!