February 2, 2008 - HQRP FYBO 2008

Charles W5BAA gets it rolling with the Houston MosQRPitos Freeze Your Butt Off 2008 event at Tom Bass Park III on the north side of Pearland. Charles is using one of his SDR transceivers for PSK31 ops. The temperature was 48 deg F for the event start.

Things are getting SERIOUS! Charles is wondering where the other HQRP members have gone... Are they AWOL or just out CRUISING?

Ed N5EM is working CW, while Tom K5SAF is doing the digital thing. W5MSQ is on the air!

Lots of rigs! Lots of gear! And the good news is that the temperature is rising!

Elsewhere, Tony N5RPQ and Andy W5ACM are trying to figure out "Just where are we?"

"I know where you are!" Mike WA5TWT KNOWS his GPS stuff... He has been tracking the AWOL MosQRPitos for quite a while. Get ready for this! WE were out in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, doing FBYO 2008 with a start temp of 80 deg F!

Andy W5ACM is now happy. Thanks to Mike, I know the true meaning of the Universe! I am here to make FYBO QSOs!

Andy and Tony are beginning to feel the effects of the sun... We did our best for the HQRP, and now we must take a break. It's time to get back to the hot tubs and the cigar bar! W5ACM/MM is OFF the AIR!

Onward to the February 2008 HQRP Meeting!