Field Day 2014!

Fantastic Weather and a GREAT Field Day - Brookshire TEXAS

Satellite antennas on the left and the 6M Yagi on the right at W5MSQ.

For 2014 we added 6M to the Hamsat “shack” at W5MSQ. John AB5SS is ready to start on 6M while Mike WA5TWT checks out the Microwave… oven.

Our OFFICIAL Harbor Freight solar panels to charge the Satellite Station batteries.

Satellite ops on the left with a Yaesu FT-847 and 6M on the right with an Elecraft KX-3 at W5MSQ.

John AB5SS made an excellent showing for W5MSQ on 6M. The new Yagi was perfect.

It gets hot here in South Texas for Field Day. Some of the W5MSQ crew take a welcome break in the pool at the Sparks’ Ranch thanks to Ron AG5RS.

A quick peak behind the scenes in the shop fridge reveals our Secret FD Weapons - No Label El Hefe and Ridgeback ON TAP!

Keeping the cars as cool as possible - sort of in the shade - as we clean up after a fun time.

RO5COE says, Come back Next Year! I'll be waiting...