February 1, 2014 - FYBO!

Here We Go With The Coldest Event of the Year!

It was a pitch-black dark, frigidly cold, and horribly stormy day at Bear Creek Park, but we persevered.

Over the course of the event, operators included W5ACM, WA5BUC, N5EM, K5HTB, KT5TK and KA8UPN. Setup began shortly after 8AM. After shoveling out the snow (and other "stuff"), we found the thermometer. It must have been broken. Our lowest recorded temp was 65F... and perhaps it wasn't really stormy, just overcast... and it really wasn't all that dark, but there was no need for sun block...

We set up four antennas for 15M, 20M and 40M, incuding this one that Travis K5HTB brought out.

QSO count was only 13, but that might have been due to the extreme cold...,

or perhaps we were just having too much fun experimenting with the rigs and antennas!

There were a lot of folks doing the MN QSO party and some doing the BC QSO Party and the 10-X Contest.

I can't say that band conditions were bad, but it seemed like there were not as many active stations operating FYBO. TNX to Fred WA5BUC and Andy W5ACM for the photos!

The lowest temp received was 14F from WI and 20F from NC. The highest temps were from FL - running 77F from three stations. It was a Great Day at the Park! We will be coming back on March 8th for the ARCI Gridsquare Sprint. Come on by!