January 1, 2011 - To The Field!

Here We Go With MosQRPitos 2011!

It wasn't quite as cold this year as in 2010 for the Pet Rock Sprint, but the wind was really BRISK. These photos were taken by Randy KA5IIA, Fred WA5BUC and Andy W5ACM. Tom Bass Park III was CLOSED for New Years Day, so we headed west to Ray Miller Park on Eldridge just north of Westheimer. Ed N5EM gets things started with his half-wave, 20M vertical.

Randy watches while Andy stakes in the last radial on the 15M quarter-wave vertical.

Randy makes his 10M vertical installation look easy as he sits down on the job!

Here is a close-up of the feed point on Randy's vertical. Fred put up a long wire for 40M - NICE trees here!

Ed has finished with the 20M antenna. It is ready to go!

Happy Time! Randy and Ed set up some radios.

Ed takes a break, so Fred takes over with the Wilderness Radio SST on 20M while Randy tunes the Index Labs rig.

Andy didn't have any current Pet-Rock rigs, so he brought out his Novice rig - an Ameco AC-1 set up for 15M! It actually works on 15M. The Hammarlund HQ-105TR was used as the receiver. Inverters provided 110 VAC from 12 VDC batteries.

CQ CQ CQ TEST DE W5ACM... No Takers! Plenty of DX on 15M, but Andy couldn't lure any folks over to 21.055 for a contact! We did prove the point though, that old rigs are fun in the park!

Ray Miller Park is small - only 15 acres - but REALLY nice! We had enough tall trees for wire antennas and no competition for tables. We will be back!

OK. We GET the message! Ed's rig is the ONE to use, and 20M is the BAND of choice! Andy takes a turn to bag a few Q's. Scores? LOW! Fun? You Bet!

Don't miss our next HQRP event (FYBO 2011 - February 5th) at Ray Miller Park in west Houston!